The Pre-Listing Plan You May Be Neglecting


If you’re selling your home, you’ve probably thought about the work that needs to be done before listing—painting, a deep clean, or yard work, for example. But have you put any thought into what you’ll need to do once the house sells? What if it Sells Fast? In the hottest markets in Texas, some homes are selling within hours of being listed. That’s great for sellers who know their next move. Do you? If you got an offer on your home the same day you listed it, would you be ready to accept it and find a new place to live? Consider Your Options If you aren’t ready to buy again, you could rent for a few months. But that means potentially moving everything you own twice. Maybe you could make arrangements with the new owner to temporarily lease the property, or you may be able to counter the buyer’s offer with a longer closing period to allow yourself time to find a new place. However, both options can mean more paperwork and a tight timeline for you to buy. Work With an Expert If you’re thinking of selling your home, first talk to a REALTOR®. He or she will help you prepare for your next step before you have to make a rushed decision. A little planning may help you avoid having to leave your home sooner than expected.