Smart Steps To Take Before You Buy or Sell a Home


When thinking of buying or selling a home, you can take actions ahead of time that will pay off even if you’re not quite ready to view homes or put yours on the market. These steps may help you avoid surprises, reduce your stress, and maybe even save a bunch of money. Assemble Your Team You will need several experts to complete any real estate transaction, and the best place to start is with your REALTOR®. No one has a more complete picture of real estate transactions than REALTORS®—the professionals who are involved from start to finish. You also may need to work with lenders, title agents, appraisers, inspectors, surveyors, attorneys, stagers, repair professionals, and others. Your REALTOR® can explain these people’s roles and how they fit into the overall transaction. You may also be able to ask your REALTOR® for referrals to trusted specialists who provide these services. Make a list Whether buying a home, selling, or both, you’ll face plenty of decisions. Prioritizing your goals helps you narrow down your choices so you can focus on the most productive actions. When selling, you might decide that a quick transaction is more important than maximizing your sales price. As a buyer, weighing the relative importance of price, location, and features will help guide your decisions. Your REALTOR® is invaluable here, too, identifying factors to consider and discussing pros and cons of the options you’ll likely face. Take Action When is the right time to start working on your home purchase or sale? Earlier than you may think! If you’re buying, you can work on financing, boosting your credit score, and researching neighborhoods and properties. If you’re selling, you may benefit from decluttering, repairs, and remodeling. Once again, your REALTOR® can provide a wealth of information and resources to start you on a path to success. Whether buying or selling, your REALTOR® is your trusted guide to help you achieve your real estate dreams.