Is the Price Right?


Whether you’re selling your home or making an offer to buy one, setting a price is an important decision. How do you choose a number to attract the highest offers or get your offer accepted without overpaying? Consider the following: Where Is It? You know location matters, but keep in mind that even small differences can increase or decrease the desirability and price of a home. One side of a street may have a better view, the next block over can be zoned for a different school district, or a tranquil setting can be only a short distance away from noise and traffic. Be Careful With Comparisons Just because two homes are similar in size doesn’t mean their prices will be similar, too. Variations in age, quality of materials, condition, features, layout, lot size, and other factors can have a significant effect on what a home is worth. The Market Can Change Quickly The market may shift as the number of people selling and buying homes changes. Mortgage rates and local economic conditions also affect home prices. Just because a home sold for a certain amount a little while ago doesn’t mean that home is worth the same today. Motivation Might Matter If you need to move quickly, you may want to factor that into your pricing decision. It’s possible that being more flexible on your price can save you the costs and hassles that come with moving twice or paying two mortgages at once. Your REALTOR® can discuss current market data and your real estate goals to help you come up with a winning pricing strategy.