You Received an Offer, Now What?


Congratulations! You have received an offer—or maybe more than one—to purchase your home. Before you say yes, review the terms. Remember: while price is certainly important, an offer is more than just a number. Consider these factors when working with your REALTOR® to decide what to do. Does the Timing Work for You? You need to move to your next address. You might be buying another home yourself. An offer that works with your timetable will be more appealing than one with a quick turnaround or that is otherwise inconvenient. Buyers may even be willing to temporarily rent your home back to you after the transaction closes. Has a Buyer Offered To Pick Up Some of Your Costs? Buyers may sweeten the deal by offering to pay for some of the sellers’ closing costs. Though that amount is not part of the purchase offer, it increases your bottom line. How Much Will They Put in Earnest Money and the Termination Option Fee? Some buyers will show their interest with a large earnest money payment. They may also include a large option fee, which you can keep if the buyer chooses to terminate the contract. Are There Other Factors at Play? There are many aspects of an offer that can make a deal more or less appealing to you, such as factors related to appraisals, surveys, financing, termination options, and more. Your REALTOR® can help you sort through the criteria that matter most to you and can help you find the best offer for your home. When you hire a REALTOR®, you have an advocate for closing the best deal possible

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Make Life Easier When You Sell Your Home


Sure, you could try to sell your own home. You could gather as much market data as possible and try to determine the best asking price. You could decide what else you might do—paint or landscape or remodel?—to maximize the property’s appeal and value. You could get the word out to as many people as possible that your home is for sale. You could field all calls from buyers and their agents, schedule showings, and answer people’s questions. You could assess offers and make counteroffers. You could figure out how to respond to the buyer’s requests and questions, and keep on top of deadlines. You could research how to avoid missteps that would lose you money, put the transaction at risk, or lead to a lawsuit. Yes, you could do all that and eventually close the deal … or you could hire someone to make your life easier. By hiring a REALTOR®, you get a trustworthy, qualified professional helping you with your home sale. Your REALTOR® knows the ins and outs of your local market and can guide you to a successful closing. With exclusive access to the most accurate market data and more than 150 real estate forms, your REALTOR® will ensure you have the information and tools you need to accomplish your goal. Your REALTOR® also has professional contacts in the industry who can help you with every aspect of the transaction. You won’t have to wonder what is happening or what comes next. Explaining what’s going on is all part of the job. Selling your home is not only the largest financial transaction you’ll ever do—it can be one of the most stressful and complex ones as well. Why go it alone when you can have an advocate on your team? Your REALTOR® is here to help and bring you peace of mind.

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