Market Properties with Emotion


People are supposed to put aside emotions in real estate transactions. They are told to focus on whether the property meets their needs and fits their budget.But that’s not the real world. When a buyer falls in love with a house, emotion takes over. Here’s how to appeal to those emotions when you market properties. Focus On Enjoyment Describe ways potential buyers can enjoy aspects of the property: A home theater provides the household a comfortable gathering place to watch movies and TV. A large patio enables homeowners to extend their living area outdoors for relaxing, grilling, and socializing. A nearby greenbelt makes a great place to hike or walk the dog. Share the Owners’ Insights Ask the sellers what they most love about the property and pass it along via your marketing. It could be something simple like how they love being so close to a coffee shop. Maybe the house’s orientation results in a shaded yard and common areas, which make them comfortable in the summer heat. Leverage the current owners’ fond memories and knowledge to help buyers see the property’s best features. Make It Convenient Stress how you or the sellers can make the transaction easy. Maybe the sellers are flexible on a closing date or are willing to leave appliances or furniture. Emphasize that the buyers can save time and effort with this property. Explain Why It’s Great People want reassurance when making big decisions like buying a house. Mention any upgrades or repairs done by the owners. For example, if the sellers replaced the upstairs HVAC and put on a new roof, those are items the buyer can feel good about. Put Buyers in Control Buyers don’t want to feel manipulated or pressured. You’ve set up your marketing to help them form an emotional attachment to the property. Back off and let them make a move. If the house is marketed and priced well, they will feel empowered and realize that they want to purchase your client’s property.