Can I Trim That Tree?


If your neighbor’s tree encroaches on the property you are renting, do you have the legal right to trim the branches? According to Texas law, overhanging branches may be removed up to the property line; however, that doesn’t mean you should immediately get your saw. First, speak with your landlord. The landlord may attempt to negotiate an agreement with the neighbor regarding tree trimming, or such an agreement may already exist. Next, check your lease to see whether the landlord or the tenant has the responsibility for maintaining the yard, which includes tree trimming. Last, visit the Texas State Law Library to learn more about local codes and ordinances. If the tree is damaged or a local ordinance is violated, you could be liable for damages or fines.

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3 Tips for Showing Your Home With Existing Tenants


Your tenant’s lease is up soon, and you’ve decided to sell. While it makes things more challenging if you show the home while the tenant is still living on the property, it can be done with good communication and planning. Respect Tenant’s Schedule Find out ahead of time if there are times that the property cannot be shown due to the tenant’s schedule. Have your REALTOR® coordinate any timing constraints with agents and prospective buyers wanting to view the property. Make Show Times Clear Communication is key. A misunderstanding or scheduling error could result in the house being occupied or not ready to be viewed. Take Responsibility for the Property’s Condition Make it easy for the tenant to keep the property looking show-ready. For example, offer to hire a cleaning or lawn service while the property is on the market. Take advantage of your REALTOR®’s expertise to help you sell the property while minimizing the tenant’s inconvenience.

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