Two-Story Foyer Trend Sees a Slight Increase in 2022


By Fan-Yu Kuo on December 6, 2023 • Information obtained from the US Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC) and tabulated by NAHB, shows the share of new homes with a two-story foyer slightly increased in 2022. The increase was particularly notable in West South Central and New England. However, most new single-family homes were built without a two-story foyer nationally and regionally. According to the Census, a two-story foyer is defined as the entranceway inside the front door of a house and has a ceiling that is at the level of the second-floor ceiling. In the United States, the share of new homes with two-story foyers rose from 25% to 26% in 2022. However, it remains the second lowest level in the past 5 years. A two-story foyer has been an unwanted feature from both buyers’ and builders’ perspectives since 2012, as many homebuyers consider two-story foyers energy-inefficient. Regionally, the share declined in five of the nine divisions. Among these divisions, the East South Central has the highest share of new homes started with two-story foyers (28%). The New England, East North Central, East South Central and West South Central are the four divisions to see a decline in the share of two-story foyers from 2021 to 2022. ‹ State-Level GDP in the Second Quarter of 2023Tags: Census, SOC, two-story foyer