Custom Home Building Share Improves in 2022


By Ashok Chaluvadi on November 30, 2023 • According to data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC), custom homes share increased to 20.4 percent of all single-family homes started in 2022 from the 17.6 percent recorded in 2021. The custom home market consists of contractor-built and owner-built houses—homes built one at a time for owner occupancy on the owner’s land, with either the owner or a builder acting as a general contractor. The alternatives are homes built for sale (on the builder’s land, often in subdivisions, with the intention of selling the house and land in one transaction) and homes built for rent. In 2022, 71.4 percent of the single-family homes started were built for sale, and 5.9 percent were built for rent. While the custom-home percentage increased in 2022, the number of custom homes started in 2022 (207,472) was actually higher than the number of custom homes started in 2021 (199,675). The quarterly published statistics show that the custom-home share of single-family starts declined. Although the quarterly statistics are more timely, they lack the geographic detail available in the annual data set. When analyzed by the 9 census divisions, the annual data show that the highest custom home share in 2022 was 45.4 percent in New England Division. In the South Atlantic Division, on the other hand, the share was only 13.8 percent. In the East South-Central Division, 39.6 percent of new homes started were contractor-built or owner-built houses, followed by the East North-Central Division at 37.9 percent and 34.6 percent in the Middle Atlantic Division. In the West North Central Division 23.4 percent of new homes started where custom homes, followed by 15.6 percent in the West South-Central Division, 18.0 percent in the Pacific Division, and 15.5 percent in the Mountain Division. ‹ Unraveling the Complex Tapestry of Inflation Dynamics: Post-Covid ChangesTags: construction, economics, eye on the economy, Federal Reserve, home building, housing economics, single-family, starts

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Number of 5,000+ Square Foot Homes Down in 2022


According to the annual data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC), a total of 29,000 5,000+ square-foot homes were started in 2022, down from 33,000 in 2021.  In the boom year of 2006, the number of new 5,000+ square foot homes reached a peak of 45,000.   In 2007, the number fell to 37,000.  In 2008, only 20,000 such homes were started, and from 2009 to 2012, the number remained well under 20,000 a year, but has been consistently above 20,000 since then. On a percentage basis, the share of new homes started with 5,000 square feet or more of living space was also down slightly, from 2.90% in 2021 to 2.85% in 2022.  In 2015, the 5,000+ square foot home share reached a peak of 3.92%.  Since then, the share has fluctuated in a band between 2.50% and 3.10%.  The 2022 decline in the share of 5,000+ square foot homes is consistent with the recent downward trend in median and average size of new single-family homes reported elsewhere. Tabulating the major characteristics of 5,000+ square foot homes started in 2022 shows that 80% have a porch, 70% have a finished basement, 68% have 4 bathrooms or more, 66% have a patio, 67% have a 3-or-more car garage, 56% belong to a community association and 54% have 5 bedrooms or more. Related ‹ Lot Values Trail Behind InflationTags: economics, eye on the economy, home building, housing economics, single-family, starts, survey of construction

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