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Rewards Made Easy

The sign-up is the sale!

At your 2nd sale new home sale with Pomona by Hillwood, you are automatically enrolled in the Hillwood Loves Realtors Reward Program. Explore more about the program below. See the program terms and conditions for full details.

Sell 2 Homes

The sign up is the sale! You will automatically receive an email with a link to select from a curated collection of artisan gifts. An array of unique and amazing items are yours for the choosing…like a new yoga mat when working out at home.

Sell 3 Homes

When you sell your third home in Pomona by Hillwood, you get to choose from the next level of artisan gifts. The choices are different, yet just as unique and interesting like this super warm and cozy gravity weighted robe in your choice of color.

Sell 4 Homes

The benefits of selling with Hillwood Communities include the top level of gift options when you sell your 4th home in Pomona. Just one of the many uncommon choices open to you is a beautiful blue steel agave torch to add charm to your patio.

Sell 5 Homes for an Exclusive Excursion

Every Realtor who sells 5 or more homes in Pomona earns a trip like no other.

Throughout the year we will invite our 5+ Realtor sales club, plus their guest, to board the Hillwood private jet to visit the Hillwood corporate offices in Dallas, Texas. The trip includes a tour of the Hillwood Turtle Creek Office and Ross Perot, Sr. museum. You and your guest will also enjoy a gourmet dinner before you board the jet for home.

Be sure to sign up to stay informed about Pomona and our program.

Hillwood Loves Realtors

With Hillwood Communities your clients are rewarded with a thriving neighborhood where they can learn, stay active, meet new friends, and grow. We think you should be rewarded, too. As their Realtor, when they buy a new home in Pomona by Hillwood, you’ll earn gifts and be eligible to win the grand prize. Gifts and prizes are awarded for each contract signed beginning with the 2nd and through the 5th sales for the calendar year 2023.

This is our way of saying “thank you” for the help you give your clients to learn about and experience the difference of Hillwood Communities.

There’s more to love with Hillwood…

Hillwood Communities is an award-winning developer whose residential solutions create community in every sense. The attention to detail that goes into our communities serves as a promise and is a tribute to what makes them unique.

Master-Planned Communities

Learn more about all our master-planned communities on our website at www.hillwoodcommunities.com.

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